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Hello and welcome to Romance Recipes!  Every Thursday I will introduce you to a new author and a new recipe!  Two of my favorite things!  This week I am bringing you author, Cristal Ryder and her recipe for Beef Wellington along with an introduction to her books, Being Ariana and Being Bound.  Please join me in welcoming Cristal and savor her recipe for Beef Wellington as you read about her new books!

I am a recipe hound! I collect and covet them. It was hard to choose which one to share with you all. I decided the Beef Wellington would be good. It is fairly easy, and sinfully delicious. It is the perfect centerpiece for a romantic dinner. My guy is also in the beef business and we get the BEST meat, hence he is known as Meat Man 😉  Enjoy!


Easy Beef Wellington

It really is easy and don’t let it intimidate you.  Have everything ready beforehand and read the instructions first so you know what you’re supposed to do when.  The puff pastry is probably the trickiest part, but don’t sweat it.  Make sure surface is floured just enough to keep it from sticking and the pastry will get sticky if it gets warm, so you do have to move quickly with it.


2 tsp canola oil 

2 lb centre cut beef tenderloin, trimmed and string removed

½ tsp each salt and pepper

1 pk whole bella mushrooms, or portabella finely chopped (the finer the better) in processor or with knife

1 tsp unsalted butter

1 shallot, finely chopped

1 tsp fresh thyme leaves chopped – hold one end of the stem and run your nails down the stem gently pull against the leaf so they come off in your fingers – easy way to get them off

3-4 slices prosciutto

1-2 tbsp flour

1/g package puff pastry, thaw according to pkg directions

1 egg for egg wash

1 tbs water

½ tsp kosher or coarse salt

Take a deep breath and have a glass of wine handy

  • Heat 1 tsp oil skillet over med-high heat.
  • Season beef with half S&P on all sides and sear in skillet, cooking 2 minutes on each side until brown. Set aside on a towel lined plate and refrigerate to cool

While beef cools

  • Add 1 tsp oil and butter to used skillet – cook shallots til soft and fragrant but not browned
  • Then add mushrooms, rest of S&P and sauté stirring constantly until mushroom give up their liquid and brown slightly
  • Stir in thyme and put in small bowl, cool completely – put in frig if you have to and stir it around to cool

Once everything is cool…probably about half hour to 45 minutes – so have a sip of wine!

  • Lay out a larger piece of plastic wrap and lay prosciutto evenly
  • Spread mushroom mixture – proper term for this is duxelles (pronounced dook-SEHL J)
  • Dry bottom of meat with paper towel and place in centre
  • Pick up one edge of plastic wrap and roll it around the meat to make a cylinder, twist ends and refrigerate

Now the tricky part: puff pastry – which really isn’t so tricky if you RELAX

  • Beat egg and water together to use as a glue for the pasty ends and for a wash and set aside
  • Dust work surface with flour and roll pastry into a rectangle as best you can about 1/8 inch thick
  • NOTE- it has to be big enough to cover the meat completely and extra inch or two around
  • Place meat in centre of pastry
  • Paint ends with the egg wash and wrap around the beef, if it’s too big, trim off but make sure there is a slight overlap
  • Tuck ends in
  • Place seam side down on parchment paper lined baking tray.
  • Cover and chill minimum 20 minutes or up to two hours – this helps to stop the pastry from getting soggy during cooking – note mine still did a bit and I think next time I would put it on a broiler type pan with holes still using the parchment paper and poke holes in the paper so the juices drip through to the catch pan

Time to cook!

  • Preheat oven to 425°
  • Paint chilled pasty with remaining egg wash
  • Cut 3 diagonal slits across the top with a sharp knife and sprinkle with coarse salt
  • Roast on 2nd rack from bottom
  • 45 minutes for medium or until thermometer reads 160°
  • Let meat rest for at least 10 minutes and if possible not in its juices because that means a ‘soggy bottom’
  • Cut into 1 inch slices using a serrated knife. Don’t push down the pastry. Put your forefinger and middle finger on one side of pastry and thumb the other lightly and the knife between your forefingers…saw gently until cut through.
  • Plate it
  • Ta da!


Being Ariana Blurb
Is it better to get lost in your fantasy, or be found in another’s?

Ellie Taylor lives her erotic dreams by masquerading herself as Ariana and visiting the Black Phantom. In this club where anything goes, she plans to perform onstage before an audience, building her sexual excitement to a fever pitch before selecting her man. But Ariana is sidetracked by a tall, blond masked maitre-d. He captivates her and all thoughts of performing are forgotten. He’s every bit as domineering as Ariana and pushes her to her sexual limit. Their true identities concealed, they set out to use each other for pleasure–no risk of entanglement or commitment…but that may prove easier said than done.

Being Bound Blurb

Sometimes reality is so much better than fantasy.

A man used to getting what he wants, Tom Rourke doesn’t take being discarded lightly. Smarting from rejection, Rourke decides the complication of women is distracting him from his goal. He refocuses his energy into ownership of the Black Phantom, where he meets Heather Canyon. Drawn into her erotic web, he can’t get her out of his mind. But can he trust her? The only way to know is to experience her first hand.

Dominatrix Heather Canyon is looking for a new beginning, and a safe place where she can let her talents shine. Rourke’s proposition is the perfect opportunity. She must test him to ensure they are the right fit for each other and challenges him at every turn. She isn’t looking for a partner, but has she found her match with Rourke?

Warning – Explicit sex/language, domination, bondage and kink.



An expressionist through words and art from a young age, Cristal read her first romance at age twelve. Taylor Caldwell introduced her to passion and romance that fueled a craving to read anything she could get her hands on. Reading long into the night until her father shouted for her to turn off the light.

Cristal wrote her first story at fifteen and spent many hours escaping into worlds she created on the walk to and from high school. Now, ready to experience all life has to offer, Cristal tempts her readers and takes them on journeys of passion to vivid locations with squirm-in-your-seat plots. The combination of artistic talent with her gift for the written word helps Cristal bring to life the characters and stories she weaves.

Cristal lives in a small Canadian town, is a single mom of two college-aged sons and, yes, they do fly home after their initial excitement of leaving the nest! Along with her writing, Cristal works full time in the law enforcement field, loves horses, the outdoors and will jet off at any given opportunity to see the world. Cristal is multi-published with Ellora’s Cave and Lyrical Press.

You can find Cristal at:








Thanks for joining us today and I hope you’ll join us again next week for another Romance Recipe!

Have a great day!