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VA-CDivided-750x1125Hello and welcome to Romance Recipes! Every Thursday and Friday I will introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! This week I am bringing you author, Victoria Adams, and her recipe for Apple Crisp along with an introduction to her contemporary romance, Circles Divided – book 2 of Circles Trilogy. Please join me in welcoming Victoria and savor her recipe for Apple Crisp as you read about her new book! 


Apple Crisp

Preheat oven to 350.

6 to 8 medium sized apples (I use tart but juicy ones like MacIntosh.) Peel. Core and slice if want to, but I roughly chop.

1 cup flourapple crisp

1 cup oatmeal

Spices – I use cinnamon or nutmeg. Choose what works best for you.

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup butter

-Place apple chunks into baking pan. I use a 2 qt Corning Ware. Mix flour and oats in a bowl. In another bowl cream butter and brown sugar. Now comes the fun part. Mix the butter/sugar into flour/oats, but use your hands. Get in there and mix it well. Drop overtop of the apples and cook for 30 mins. Serve with 1 or all of the following – whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or maple walnut ice cream.


Is the love of a girl from wealthy Westland and a street punk from the slums of the Shore strong enough to surpass all that life will throw at them and forge a life together? Is Julie willing to sacrifice her childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer for the man she loves? Is Robert willing to lay down his ties to the gang in order to hold onto his new found love?  

Sacrifices must be made, but will they be enough?


When Julie pulled her locker door open, she stepped back and smiled. One factor she hadn’t expected dating a Shoresmen was that he’d be romantic. She picked up the long-stemmed, white rose and nuzzled her nose in the soft petals.

Finished at her locker, Julie headed for English. She wanted to be there when Robert arrived so she could thank him. The first class bell rang. Julie stepped into the room and sat at her desk.

Fifteen minutes later, Robert stood in the doorway, surveyed the room with an attitude that screamed coolness. Julie looked up and held back a gasp. He was dressed in his most ripped jeans, biker gloves, Shoresmen jacket, hair uncombed and face unshaven, personifying the biker image from which he was trying to distance himself.

He walked over to the desk next to Julie’s, motioned to the seat’s occupant, Barry, to exit. “Like I got an idea, you go sit someplace else.”

“This is my seat.”

Robert grabbed him by the shirt and forced him to stand. “Move.” He released him with just enough of a push to send Barry into the aisle. Barry grabbed his books and sat in the nearest empty desk. Robert swung his leg over the seat and sat.

“Admit slip?” Mrs. Wolmsley held out her hand.

“Ain’t got one. Ain’t that late.” He slid low in his new desk and grinned at Julie.

“When a student is late, they must have an admit slip to be allowed into the class. You know that. Please go and get one.”

With a disgusted sigh, Robert stood, climbed over his desk to Julie’s, gave her a long kiss, waggled his eyebrows and left. Mrs. Wolmsley finished assigning a reading to the class,  when the principal knocked on the door and entered with a reluctant Robert. “I found him wandering the halls.”

The teacher nodded. “I sent him for an admit slip.”

“We’ll discuss this after school, 3:15 my office, Holiday.”

“Fuck you.” Robert sneered.

“In my office after this class. Now sit.” The principal pointed to a desk.

Robert slouched across the room and dropped into his new seat with a grunt. He leaned back, crossed his arms and glared at the teacher. Julie coughed twice and dropped her pen, but he ignored her.

Click. Swoosh.

Mrs. Wolmsley turned from the board and stared at Robert.

“What?” His tone was defiant.

She resumed writing out the assignment on the board. With everyone’s attention back on the teacher, Robert slid lower in his desk until the student in front of him hid him from the teacher’s view. He slipped a can of beer out of his pocket and chugged most of the contents.

Julie gasped.

Robert smiled and in a gallant gesture offered her the rest of the beer. She blinked twice and forced herself to shake her head. He shrugged, finished the beer then crushed it between his hands and hook shot it into the garbage can.

The waste paper bucket was metal and empty. The beer can was aluminum. When the crushed can hit the empty basket, it shattered the room’s silence with a deafening noise.

“Two points.” Robert chuckled.

“Is that yours?” The teacher raised her eyebrows.

“No, ma’am. I was cheerin’ the perfect basketball shot. I wouldn’t drink no beer in school. It’s against the rules.”

She frowned. “We’re going to have a chat after class.”

Robert paid no attention to the teacher. His gaze wandered about the room. He pulled out his cellphone and sent a text. Julie flushed with anger. She just wanted to scream at him and ask him what he was doing, but he didn’t look at her.

Click. Swoosh.

Julie’s hand flew to her mouth.

Mrs. Wolmsley stormed over. “Give it to me.”

Robert scratched his cheek. “What?”

“Stand up.” Not being allowed to search him, she visually checked his jacket. “What’s in there?” She pointed to a pocket.

He pulled out a can of beer. “Oh my goodness, how did that get in there?”

“Give me the can.”

Without breaking eye contact, Robert chugged the beer, crushed it and again hook shot it into the waste can. “Two points.”

Walking to the classroom phone, the teacher lifted the handset.

Robert reached over her shoulder and pushed the button. “I suggest you put the phone down.” He took the handset from her and hung it up. “Now go teach English. I’m out of this popsicle stand.” He strutted out of the room.

She sat at her desk. “Please keep reading, class. I need a moment.”

Julie rose from her desk, but dropped back down as Mr. Morris walked in, dragging Robert. “Mrs. Wolmsley. Class. Robert has some final words to say.” He pushed Robert forward.

Robert glared at the principal then turned his sullen gaze to the class. A grin inched across his face.

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Meet Victoria:

Victoria Adams lives in Canada. She’s travelled from coast to coast, spending most of her life living near the US border. When visiting the West Coast, she went whale watching and had the joy of photographing a pod of Orcas. On the East Coast, she spent an afternoon high on a cliff,  watching an iceberg drift by. She wants to travel to the high Arctic and experience the midnight sun. In the summer, Victoria ignores her laptop and spends hours tending her flower beds and vegetable garden. Last year, she and her husband planted 2 peach trees into her small, but growing orchard. Victoria loves to hear from fans.

Find Victoria:

Blog – Pages of Romance – http://victoriaadams.blogspot.com

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