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Cait coverHello and welcome to Romance Recipes! Every Thursday and Friday I will introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! This week I am bringing you author, Cait O’Sullivan, and her recipe for Irish Stew along with an introduction to her contemporary romance, Romancing the Seas. Please join me in welcoming Cait and savor her recipe for Irish Stew as you read about her new book! 

Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for having me on Romance Recipes, I’m thrilled to be here having picked up a lot of great recipes from you (not to mention the books).

Now I know you like having recipes that pertain to the book and you’d think with Pippa in Romancing the Seas being a headchef, I’d be offering one of her many mouth watering dishes. But! It’s St Patrick’s Day on Sunday and I am Irish, so I kinda felt honour bound to give a good traditional recipe. So here it is, Irish Stew 🙂.  This is the one from Ballymaloe House, and one which I think is the best. Enjoy!

1.35kg (2½-3lb) lamb chops (gigot or rack chops) not less than 2.5cm (1in) thick

8 medium onions

8 medium carrots

8 -12 potatoes (depending on how much you like them)

Salt and freshly ground pepper Stew_2169538c

1½-1¾ pints stock (lamb if poss) or water

1 sprig thyme

1 tbsp roux (optional)

1 tbsp freshly chopped parsley

1 tbsp freshly chopped chives

• Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Cut chops in half; trim off some of the excess fat. Set aside. Render down the fat on a gentle heat in a heavy pan (discard the rendered pieces).

• Peel onions. Scrape or thinly peel carrots (if they are young, leave some of the stalk on). Cut the carrots into large chunks, the onions into quarters through the root (if small, you can leave whole).

• Toss the meat in the hot fat on the pan until it is slightly brown. Transfer the meat into a casserole, then quickly toss the onions and carrots in the fat. Build the meat, carrots and onions up in layers in the casserole, carefully season each layer with salt and pepper. Deglaze the pan with lamb stock and pour into the casserole. Peel the potatoes and lay them on top of the casserole (they will steam while the stew cooks). Season the potatoes. Add a sprig of thyme, bring to the boil on top of the stove, cover with a butter wrapper or paper lid and the lid of the pan. Transfer to a moderate oven or allow to simmer on top of the stove until the stew is cooked, approx 1-1½ hours, depending on whether the stew uses lamb or hogget.

• When the stew is cooked, pour off the cooking liquid, degrease and reheat in another saucepan. Thicken slightly by whisking in a little roux (melt 110g/4oz butter and cook the same amount of flour in it for two minutes on a low heat). Check seasoning, then add chopped parsley and chives. Pour over the meat and vegetables. Bring the stew back up to boiling point and serve from the pot or in a large pottery dish.


Sous-chef Pippa Renshaw thinks a change of scene will mend a bruised heart, so she swaps her job in a prestigious London restaurant to head-chef on a cruise ship sailing around New Zealand. A great plan until she meets her new CEO, the delectable Jonathon Eagleton, and discovers she has to share a suite with him.

Even though sparks fly whenever they are together, Jonathon steadfastly keeps her at arm’s length, which suits Pippa just fine because she’s still getting over the betrayal of the last time she had a relationship with the boss.

The situation is starting to feel like solitary confinement until a thunderstorm traps them in a tramper’s hut while hiking. Suddenly a different kind of storm unleashes inside the hut.

But will they be able to go back to their previous status now the line has been crossed?


She tilted her head to the side and looked upwards at him, her eyes turquoise in the firelight. “Well done. You’ll be buying her a primrose private jet soon.”

“No way. I love hiking, climbing even, but hey, don’t get me in the air in only a tin can. I can’t do it.”

“What do you mean?” she watched his lips as he spoke and he had to look away from her bright gaze.

“I can’t fly.” He laughed, a bright sound that took him by surprise. “Well obviously I can, otherwise I wouldn’t be on the other side of the world to where I grew up. I hardly sailed here. No, I mean I hate flying. Brings me out in a cold sweat every time. Long-haul flights are the easiest to cope with, being as there’s a stretch of time between take-off and landing, so I can attempt to relax. But short flights? Hell no. You wouldn’t catch me dead on one.”

Pippa bent her head to look at him lopsided. “I guess we all have stuff to deal with.”

The words sounded dreamily husky to him and he caught her clear, honest gaze in her upturned face, glowing in the light of the fire. She smiled at him, and he could see her genuine interest in him and what he was saying.

He cleared his throat, trying to clear the salacious thoughts that were coming hot and fast.

“Are there more blankets?” He had to get away before he did something silly. He walked around the corner, smiling to see a dark blue blanket folded neatly on the kitchen table for him. His jacket had withstood most of the wet, so his t-shirt was dry enough to leave on. But so much for waterproof trousers — they still had a way to come before they were as efficient as the jackets.

As he came around the corner, having stripped off from the waist down and wrapped a blanket around him, Jonathon paused to watch Pippa. A faint blush from the fire graced her cheeks, and her rosebud mouth shone red. Perfectly formed ringlets corkscrewed around her face, with curls alternating between a burnished bronze colour and a glowing amber. He couldn’t drag his eyes away, just wanted this moment to last forever. Something outside the window warranted her undivided attention, as her white teeth were busy chewing on her lower lip, and even from her profile, he saw she wore a small frown.

He gave a little cough, afraid that if he looked at her unawares for much longer, there would be no hiding his reaction to her. The fire crackled like a machine gun as his less than noble thoughts started charging the atmosphere.


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Meet Cait:Cait profile pic

Cait O’Sullivan is a romance author with a love of words and magic, having had the good fortune to grow up in Ireland. The wanderlust in her blood sent her out to travel the world and now, residing in a leafy suburb of London, it is her thoughts and memories that journey far and wide in order to create her stories.

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