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Sara Barnard coverHello and welcome to Romance Recipes where I am happy to introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! Today I am bringing you author, Sara Barnard, and her recipe for Caramel Pie-A Fireman’s Family Favorite along with an introduction to her historical romance with inspirational undertones, A Heart on Hold (An Everlasting Heart, #1). Please join me in welcoming Sara and savor her recipe for Caramel Pie as you read about her new book!   


Caramel Pie- A Fireman’s Family Favorite


One graham cracker pie crust

One tub Cool Whip or homemade whipping cream

One large pan of watercaramelpie

One can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk



Peel wrapper off can of condensed milk and place in the pan of water. Bring water to a boil. Once it begins boiling, set the timer for 4 hours.

As the water boils down over the cook time, add more to keep can completely submerged, lest it explode. (I know from experience!)

Once the time is up, remove from fire and run cool water over the can to cool it. Do not touch. Once cool to the touch, use a can opener to open the can, which has now turned from sweet milk to caramel. Pour into pie pan.

Store in the fridge until ready to serve, then top with Cool Whip or homemade whipped cream and enjoy!


War. Devotion. Deceit. Death. How long can a heart hold on before it breaks? Most women would carry on with their lives after being thrust into widowhood, but not Charlotte Adamsland. Upon learning of her husband, Confederate Captain Sanderson Redding’s, death in a botched escape from an Illinois prison, she heads north through a war-ravaged country with only her faith in God and beloved horse to bring her Sanderson home – once way or the other. 


Charlotte’s lips only took a moment to find those belonging to her beloved. He tasted faintly of molasses and she was immediately drawn into the warmth of his embrace. Their bodies were perfectly pressed together, fitting as though one had been divinely made for the other, as Sanderson’s kisses trailed from Charlotte’s lips down her neck. Her hands found his softly stubbled face and guided him back to her lips. With his strong arms around her, she’d never felt more safe. Or more vulnerable.

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Meet Sara:sarapic

Sara is a military wife and mother of four beautiful children. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, and picnicking with the area buffalo near their home in the historic hills of Oklahoma. Sara and her family also are avid animal rescuers and their furbabies consist of two Italian border collies, one Texan German Shepherd, a mess of chickens, and three very diverse cats with stories all their own. A HEART ON HOLD, book 1 of An Everlasting Heart series was Sara’s debut novel and released August 2012 from 5 Prince Publishing. A HEART BROKEN (An Everlasting Heart, #2) released January 2013 along with her debut picture book, CHUNKY SUGARS. Books 3 and 4, A HEART AT HOME and A HEART FOREVER WILD are due to release in June and December 2013.

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Thank you for joining us for another Romance Recipes! I hope you’ll stop by next week to meet another author, try a new recipe and pick up a new book!