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bake_love_write.225x225-75Hello and welcome to Romance Recipes where I am happy to introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! Today I am bringing you author, Daryl Devore, and her recipe for Popcorn Balls along with an introduction to a fabulous new collection of recipes and advice, Bake, Love, Write. Please join me in welcoming Daryl and savor her recipe for Popcorn Balls as you read about this new book!

Excited to be here with wonderful new – just released – Bake, Love, Write. A recipe book with a twist. 105 authors of various genres and heat levels worked together to create a recipe and advice book. (Will admit this is the most G-Rated piece I’ve written in a while.) Lois Winston is the brain child behind this adventure. Each author was asked to provide an original recipe and then answer 2 two questions: 1. What’s your recipe for a lasting, loving relationship? 2. What’s the best writing advice you ever received?

My recipe contribution is Popcorn Balls a favourite Christmas holiday mess maker. Safety suggestion – remove all pets from the area. Lock cats and dogs in another room. Getting sticky popcorn off their fur is not fun. And when the dog is trying to eat the popcorn off the cat’s tail – things can get ugly. You’ve been warned.

Popcorn Balls 

18 – 20  cups  popped popcorn (that’s a heaping 1/4 cup of kernels)

2  cups  sugar

1  cup  waterpopcorn balls

1/2  cup  light-colored corn syrup

1  teaspoon  vinegar

1/2  teaspoon  salt

1  tablespoon  vanilla (The other stuff – will explain later)


  1. Remove all unpopped kernels from popped popcorn. Put popcorn in a BIG greased roasting pan. Keep popcorn warm in a 300 degree F oven while making syrup.
  2. For syrup mixture, butter the sides of a heavy 2-quart saucepan. In saucepan combine sugar, water, corn syrup, vinegar, and salt. Cook and stir over medium-high heat until mixture boils, stirring to dissolve sugar (about 6 minutes). Clip a candy thermometer to side of pan. Reduce heat to medium; continue boiling at a moderate, steady rate, stirring occasionally, until thermometer registers 250 degree F, hard-ball stage (about 20 minutes).
  3. Remove saucepan from heat; remove thermometer. Stir in vanilla. Pour syrup mixture over the hot popcorn and stir gently to coat. Cool until the popcorn mixture can be handled easily. With buttered hands, quickly shape the mixture into 2-1/2-inch diameter balls. Wrap each popcorn ball in plastic wrap. Makes about 20 popcorn balls.

Now for the “extras” part of the ingredients. Sometimes we colour the popcorn before making into balls. Separate the popcorn – add some food colour and make red and greens ones.  And we’ve added almost every kind of candy. Chocolate chips don’t work – tend to melt. M&M’s are a good and colourful way of getting chocolate into the popcorn balls. (Making chocolate popcorn balls is a whole other post!) I think our favourite is candy cane pieces.

You can transform popcorn balls into snow men and add marshmallows for eyes and buttons. For ideas for all seasons for what to do with popcorn balls – click on Google Images – popcorn balls – you’ll get a hundred ideas. Happy popcorn ball making.

Blurb and Author List – Check it out – your favourite author could be in there.

What do most authors have in common, no matter what genre they write? They love desserts. Sweets sustain them through pending deadlines and take the sting out of crushing rejection letters and nasty reviews. They also often celebrate their successes—selling a book, winning a writing award, making a bestseller list, or receiving a fabulous review—with decadent indulgences. And when authors chat with each other, they often talk about their writing and their lives. Recipes. Writing. Relationships. In this cookbook 105 authors not only share their favorite recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and more, they also share the best advice they’ve ever received on love and writing.

Authors include: Brenda Novak, Lois Winston, Debra Holland, Dale Mayer, Shelley Noble, Caridad Pineiro, Diana Orgain, Lisa Verge Higgins, Lynn Cahoon, Jasmine Haynes, Jan Carol, Meg Bellamy, Bobbi Chukran, Melissa Keir, Amy Gamet, Kristy Tate, Terry Shames, Barbara Phinney, Kitsy Clare, Raine English, Cathryn Cade, Haley Whitehall, Shilpa Mudiganti, Melinda Curtis, Jessa Slade, Jill Blake, Daryl Devore, Molly MacRae, Elizabeth Rose, Helena Fairfax, Lourdes Venard, Jessica Aspen, Maegan Beaumont, Kay Kendall, Elizabeth John, Victoria Adams, Cyndi Pauwels, Alice Loweecey, June Shaw, Donnell Ann Bell, T. Michelle Nelson, Nina Milton, Pam DeVoe, Skye Taylor, Conda V. Douglas, Pepper Phillips, Judy Alter, Cadence Denton, Lesley Diehl, Erin Farwell, Regan Walker, Kaye Spencer, Barbara Monajem, Kathleen Kaska, Catherine Kean, Rose Anderson, Suzie Tullett, Deborah Hughes, Cynthia Luhrs, Judy Baker, Alicia Dean, Leslie Langtry, Janis Susan May, Mitzi Flyte, Ruby Merritt, Renee D. Field, Kathryn Quick, Susan Cory, Judy Penz Sheluk, Kay Manis, Kathryn Jane, Debra Goldstein, E. Ayers, Chantilly White, Sloan McBride, Triss Stein, Ana Morgan, Adele Downs, L.C. Giroux, Pamela Aares, Nancy Warren, Barbara Lohr, J.J. Cook, Lynn Reynolds, Cori Arnold, B.V. Lawson, Lynn Franklin, M.L. Guida, Irene Peterson, Sue Viders, Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Susan Santangelo, Sheila Seabrook, Elaine Charton, Sharleen Scott, Kathy Bennett, Jody Payne, Reggi Allder, Ashlyn Chase, Beverley Bateman, Susan Lohrer, Donis Casey, Barbara Leavy, Stacy Juba, Karen Rose Smith.

Excerpt– What’s your recipe for a lasting, loving relationship?

Aretha Franklin sang it like nobody else could – R-E-S-P-E-C-T. To have a relationship last, each partner must respect each other. Respect the fact there are going to be good days and bad ones – happy moods and dark moods – major disagreements and moments of passion.

Be respectful of your partner. Say thank you when he offers you a surprise bowl of chocolate ice cream. Ask courteously when you need him to pick up his dirty clothes and put them in the hamper that’s a foot to the left of where he dropped them. And insist on the same respect back. When you surprise him with his favourite dinner, he should thank you. (And with a little luck – offer to wash up the dishes.)

Be respectful of your partner’s moods. Before exploding because one day he’s hyper critical of everything you do, stop and wonder what’s bothering him. Bad day at work? Maybe he’s coming down with a bug. And on those days when you are snapping at every little thing and he complains, nicely (lol) point out everyone has bad days and please allow you to have yours. Instead of having a fight and creating tension between partners, respect that this is just “one” of those days.

Be respectful of yourself. If you aren’t respectful to yourself then you won’t be to your partner. Don’t belittle yourself – I’m fat. I’m stupid. Because that will ooze into your daily routine and you could very possibly say something that would truly hurt your partner’s feelings.

Be respectful of your relationship. Keeping a loving relationship alive takes effort. Give it the attention it needs. Smooth out the bumps, forgive the rough spots and revel in the love. And get your Aretha Franklin groove on.

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Thank you for joining us for another Romance Recipes! I hope you’ll stop by next week to meet another author, try a new recipe and pick up a new book!