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BookCover_MeantToBeHello and welcome to Romance Recipes where I am happy to introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! Today I am bringing you author, Jessica James, and her recipe for All American Cheesecake along with an introduction to her book, Meant To Be. Please join me in welcoming Jessica and savor her recipe for Cheesecake as you read about her new book!

Jessica James’ “All American” Cheesecake

½ cup sugarAll American 1

8 oz. tub of Cool Whip

8 oz. cream cheese

Graham cracker pie crust

Blueberries and Strawberries to layer and garnish


Sit the cream cheese out an hour or two to softenAll American 3

Beat cream cheese with sugar

Add Cool Whip and beat again until creamy; set aside

Crumble ¾ of the pie crust into bottom of glass bowl

Add layer of blueberries

Add ¾ of cheesecake mixture

Sprinkle with remaining piecrust

Add remaining cheesecake mixtureAll American 4

Garnish with blueberries and strawberries


Lauren Cantrell inhaled the salty air and tucked her hands into her sweatshirt to warm them against the ocean breeze. The sun was barely a hint in the distance, just a ribbon of orange-laced clouds sandwiched between midnight blue water and a vast expanse of dark sky. Staring in silence at the colorful horizon, she heard the first sullen call of a seagull join the rhythmic, soothing sound of waves licking the shore. She loved this time of day. With the beach all but empty, everything appeared still except for the constant, cadenced ebb and flow of the surf. She pictured the ocean as a living thing and this was its pulse and heartbeat. From the glittering sun on its surface to the thriving unseen dimensions below, the sea represented life in all its majesty and mystery.

Lauren closed her eyes and took another deep breath, allowing the sensation of peace and contentment to wash over her. Standing at the water’s edge, she marveled at the ocean’s infinite power, a living force that could welcome her with open arms—or eat her alive at will. The sudden shock of cold water hitting her toes brought Lauren back from her reverie. As she leaned down to roll up her sweatpants, she spotted a white circular object in the sand and stepped excitedly into the receding water to retrieve it. Just as she bent down to grab the shell from the rush of an incoming wave, a gust of wind lifted her ball cap and sent it sailing down the beach. By the time she snatched the sand dollar out of the water and turned around, the hat was well out of reach, tumbling and bouncing down the beach like it had assumed a life of its own. “Darn it. I just bought that yesterday.” Lauren shoved the shell into her sweatshirt pocket and sprinted after the hat, but stopped when an approaching jogger scooped it up in mid-bounce without breaking his stride.

When he reached Lauren, he stopped. “This yours?” “Yeah. Thanks. Sorry to interrupt your run.”

As Lauren took the hat and gazed up into the jogger’s steel gray eyes, her heart gave a sudden lurch. It only lasted a moment, kind of like the flash from a lightning bolt, but it caught her off guard and left her incapable of speech. She stood spellbound, staring at him in awkward and uncomfortable silence.

“No problem, ma’am.”

The sound of his deep voice affected her almost as much as his captivating good looks. Lauren dropped her gaze to the hat she held in her hand, anxiously trying to pull her drifting thoughts together, and then focused her attention once again on the jogger. His smile revealed straight white teeth, and his manners implied a military background. Yet his brown hair curled from beneath the ball cap he wore, and his face showed more than a day’s worth of stubble. He continued looking down at her with the kind of careless confidence that comes from immense physical strength, and when she didn’t say anything else, nodded politely and continued his jog.

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