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falseimpressionsHello and welcome to Romance Recipes where I am happy to introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! Today I am bringing you author, Marianne Rice, and her recipe for Feta Dip along with an introduction to her contemporary romance, False Start. Please join me in welcoming Marianne and savor her recipe for Feta Dip as you read about her new book!

I love watching football—and not just for the tight buns, bulging biceps, and cocky smiles—and it only seemed natural to incorporate it into my first book, False Start. Sunday football is a tradition in our house and we love having friends over to hang out with us. Snacks are the kids’ star attraction and they always ask what I’m going to feature this week. Here’s one of my husband’s favorite requests that actually doesn’t call for bacon as the first ingredient (not that there’s anything wrong with that).



Olive oil, 1 block of feta cheese, tomatoes (I typically use 3 Roma’s), 1 bunch of green onions, 1 baguette, and Greek Seasoning.

Coat the bottom of a platter or serving tray with olive oil, then sprinkle with chopped onions, tomatoes, and crumbled feta. Use as much or as little Greek Seasoning as you like (I use about a tablespoon…or more) If you can’t find Greek seasoning, you can substitute it with oregano, salt, pepper and garlic, but look in your seasoning section. I bet you can find it.

Gently mix the mixture and serve with the sliced baguette on the side. It doesn’t get much quicker or simpler than that and it balances out the heaviness of the wings, nachos and pizza that we have going on as well.


Ex-NFL player turned high school football coach Connor McKay is well loved by all…except by the sexy principal who wants to make changes to his athletic program. Intrigued by Meg Fulton’s beauty and intelligence, Connor doesn’t mind going head-to-head with her. When he and Meg are set up on a blind date, he’s finally able to open a crack in Meg’s high emotional wall and see the caring woman inside. What Connor doesn’t expect is that his buddy and ex-teammate is the one responsible for Meg’s wall in the first place. To choose between a one-time brother and the woman he’s fallen hopelessly in love with, Connor will make the riskiest play of his life.

Always the misfit growing up, newly hired high school principal Meg Fulton uses a fashionable wardrobe and a sharp tongue to keep men at a safe distance. After a drunken, abusive experience in the back of a Chevy as a naïve teen, she became a single mother with a tough hide…until Connor McKay walks into the picture. She can’t stand him. He’s a sports-loving alpha male––no thanks! Meg has a good reason to hate jocks. Been there, done that, much to her regret. But as her path continues to cross with Connor’s, and attraction heats to a boiling point, Meg learns there’s more to Connor than biceps and a tight rear end. Things are heating up with them, when someone from her past threatens to tear them apart. Meg runs for cover…and from Connor. It will take a leap of faith for Meg to shed the scars of her past and let love into her life.


A sneak peek at the first page from False Start…

“We need to talk.”

Startled by the deep growl, Meg Fulton looked up to the towering stack of testosterone filling her office doorway and cursed the butterflies that fluttered in her stomach.

She straightened her posture, ran her hand through her thick hair in an attempt to put all the strays back in place, and then reached for the lapels of the suit coat that wasn’t there. She felt vulnerable in her silk tank top and wished she had an extra layer to shield her from the menacing daggers targeted at her. Putting on the jacket would only make a spectacle of herself. The thin tank would have to do.

“Sure. Have a seat.” She crossed her legs and attempted to smile. Inwardly, Meg groaned. Connor McKay. She’d noticed him on the football field coaching his athletes and had not looked forward to the expected confrontation.

He remained in the doorway, making no move toward the empty seats across from her desk. His blond hair was short, barely longer than the scruff on his face, and as she looked up she saw his eyes—a fierce, fiery blue filled with accusation and something that ranged between confusion and lust.

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Meet Marianne:MarianneRice

Marianne Rice writes contemporary romances set in small New England towns. When she’s not writing, Marianne spends her time buying shoes, eating chocolate, chauffeuring her herd of children to their varying sporting events, and when there’s time, relaxing with fancy drinks and romance books.

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As s special treat, Marianne is offering a giveaway: Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be in the running for a free digital copy of my January 2016 release, Sweet on You. A winner will be drawn on December 18th. http://www.mariannerice.com/contact.html

Thank you for joining us for another Romance Recipes! I hope you’ll stop by next week to meet another author, try a new recipe and pick up a new book!