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mockup-pb-and-ereaderHello and welcome to Romance Recipes where I am happy to introduce you to a new author and a new recipe! Two of my favorite things! Today I am bringing you author, Phillipa Nefri Clark, and her recipe for Scrambled Eggs along with an introduction to her contemporary romance, The Stationmaster’s Cottage. Please join me in welcoming Phillipa and savor her recipe for scrambled eggs as you read about her new book!

Scrambled Eggs


4 x free range eggseggs1

1-2 tablespoons of pure cream (pouring cream)

1 tablespoon grassfed salted butter, plus extra for toast

Salt and pepper to taste

2 slices of your favourite bread

Pour cream into a glass or steel bowl. Crack each egg in (pic egg1).

Whisk until mixed.

Heat heavy pan and melt butter until bubbling slightly.

Turn heat down to just above low.

Add eggs.

eggs3Using a spatula, push the egg mix from the sides to the centre, working your way around the pan and forming silky ribbons in the mix.

Whilst eggs are still slightly runny, take off heat.

Add to two plates and accompany with lovely, buttered toast.eggs4

The book includes a number of delicious meals but this one is at a significant moment between the main characters and I loved writing the scene.


A place where love is eternal and time is no barrier — The Stationmaster’s Cottage

Christie Ryan believes her extraordinary life has everything she could ever hope for. She travels the globe as a make-up artist, working in the exotic locations of the movie business. In between assignments she lives on the glamorous waterfront of Melbourne with her fiancé, Derek. Their relationship may not be perfect, but she has finally cultivated the stability that was absent to her throughout her childhood. Life is good.

But time had different plans for Christie. The death of her estranged grandmother draws her into a mystery fifty years in the making and takes her to a small cottage in the seaside town of River’s End. She seeks help from enigmatic artist Martin Blake, but their aims clash as she pursues the answers that he is determined to keep hidden. As the secrets of the past begin to unravel, however, so does the safe world Christie has built around her.

The Stationmaster’s Cottage is a rich and beautiful romance set in two eras. Its unforgettable characters weave a story of fiercely protected secrets, courage, betrayal, redemption, and everlasting love.


Christie was near the top of the old ladder, leaning at a precarious angle as she worked on a screw with both hands. The rungs of the ladder creaked loudly with every move.

Martin placed the painting on the sofa before stalking to the window.

“Are you crazy?” He demanded as he grabbed either side of the ladder behind her.

Christie glanced down at him in surprise. “Oh, I thought you were one of the tradies.”

“Get down, now!”

“Oh, that’s better. Just stay there for a moment please. I’m almost done.” Christie put all of her strength into turning the screwdriver.

“I’m not joking! This thing is about to collapse and you with it.” Martin wanted to reach up and remove Christie from her perilous position, giving her no say in the matter. Instead, he gripped the timber until his knuckles turned white.

Christie was oblivious. “Can you spare a hand in case this falls… oh!”

The rod crashed down, narrowly missing Martin. Christie gaped at him in horror as she realised how close a call that was.

“Climb down now or I’ll lift you down.” The controlled fury in his voice galvanised Christie and she quickly clambered down the rungs.

Martin stayed where he was. Christie spun around, trapped between his arms and the ladder. Slowly she raised her eyes, bewildered by the anger in his expression. The heat from his body surrounded her. He smelt faintly of the sea and Christie had an irrational urge to lean into him. Rattled, she said the first thing that came into her head.

“Are you always so bossy?”

“Do you always put yourself at risk?” He responded, not moving.

“You mean the ladder? I don’t just put makeup on human faces; I work on larger than life creatures and effects and know my way around scaffolding.”

“This isn’t scaffolding. Your door was unlocked. You don’t know what sort of person might come into your house.”

“I can see that.”

The words hung between them.

Alarm flashed into Christie’s eyes and she almost apologised, but something deep inside said hold your ground. She bit her lip.

Martin contemplated Christie, and then released the ladder and walked away. Amusement flooded his face as he unwrapped the painting and leaned it against the back of the sofa. As Christie joined him, his expression instinctively hardened.

“It’s so beautiful!” Christie knelt down to see the painting better, her eyes bright and happy. “You are amazing, Martin! Thank you so much.”

She smiled up at him, surprised at his solemness. “Thanks for bringing it to me, but I would have been happy to have picked it up. Saved you the trip.”

A long, uncomfortable silence fell.

“What’s wrong?” Christie ventured.

“I wish to buy it.” Martin said.

“The painting?” She asked, getting back to her feet. “I couldn’t. It was Gran’s.”

“Actually, it wasn’t. Regardless, I’ll pay whatever you ask. So?”

“If it wasn’t Gran’s, then whose? Martin, who really owns it?”

Martin stared coldly at Christie.

“How much? That necklace you admired at George’s is worth seven thousand–.”

“You think I’m so shallow?” Christie stepped in front of the painting protectively. “It’s not for sale.”

“It is no more yours than it was Dorothy’s. Think about selling.”

“Then who should own it? Please tell me!”

Instead, Martin spun around and stalked off. Christie chased after him.

“Martin! How much do I owe you?”

The only response was the slamming of the back door.

In the lounge room, the ladder collapsed with a loud moan.

Buy the Book:

http://www.stationmasterscottage.com (this includes a page with all the online links as well as a direct purchase option)



Meet Phillipa:11880614_930107913720863_7808342565061809260_n.jpg

Phillipa Nefri Clark lives in country Victoria with her husband, two sons, and a gorgeous black Labrador. Working a dual role in marketing and retail in the family’s pet supplies business, Phillipa uses her skills to write engaging copy whilst loving every minute spent with customers and their owners.
Her published work includes many non-fiction expert pieces about dogs, three international specialist dog yearbooks, newspaper articles, and science fiction fanzine stories.
When not working or writing, Phillipa loves reading everything from romance to thrillers and speculative fiction, enjoys growing vegetables and roses, and being with her much loved family.
The inspiration for The Stationmaster’s Cottage came from the real life cottage nearby, a childhood spent in coastal towns, and the poignant reunion with her sister after a lifetime apart. It was registered initially as a screenplay in 2005 with WGA and conceived in 2002. Phillipa is a member of Romance Writers of Australia.

Connect with Phillipa:





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